Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Great Time Wasters

If you're a fan of wasting time online, especially with online games, you'll love these two flash games.

The first one is Fracuum (rhymes with vacuum I suppose?). It's a very simple concept. You control a square and you must reach the end of the maze, while avoiding obstacles and gaining power-ups. But the really cool part is that you can actually see the levels ahead of you because as you get closer to the middle, it zooms in for you. So you can plan your paths accordingly. Very fun.

The next is Army of Ages. It's a 2D real time strategy in which you must defend your stronghold against a rebel alien invasion and eventually defeat them. Sounds like it's been done, but Army of Ages has taken the traditional RTS in a fun, cartoony way. You start off in the Stone Age and can progress through many ages. I got up to some 1800's Steampunk era. Plus the weapons and artillery are very cool.


  1. I might try these out later

  2. Believe it or not I've been searching for some fun flash games recently so this will hit the spot. Glad you updated, its been a while!

  3. thx for the games haha cant stop playing them